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Kerri Anisko Owner and CEO

Growing up in Las Vegas, NV from the age of 2 with my best friend, my Dad who was a police officer. We saw the glitz and glamour and growth of Vegas as I grew up to be an adult. I have suffered from many illnesses and pain over the years, including major back surgery, losing triplets, and grand mal seizure disorder. After years of being a “guinea pig” for medicine, we finally looked into alternative ways and had some friends in Oregon who believed in more “natural” ways of healing. We did some research and found CBD. I started taking it through using a tincture 3 times a day, and gradually noticed a huge difference in the number of seizures and even helping to deal with pain. I also felt more focused and able to concentrate longer on tasks. I then tapered off my medicine and eventually stopped taking it altogether. I have now, not had a seizure in over 3 years, and able to live my life to the fullest thanks to CBD and family support behind me. We love our dogs, family, and God. That is why we want to bring a little of Las Vegas with us to the Midwest and our hope and goals are to help as many people as we can in our new community and across the country to live a better healthier lifestyle.

Timothy Anisko, Operations Manager

I was born and grew up an only child in Las Vegas, with my best friend, my mom. Believe it or not, I was premature by a month or so, and now I am 6’3″ and even went played some football in college for s short time before my back injury. I want to help out the younger generation to be responsible with their health and change lives as I have seen my mom change hers with CBD. I love sports, gaming, my dogs, and babies love me! I look forward to helping you out in our store or just for a chat sometime.

Randy Weir, Owner and CFO

Growing up in Wyoming in a small town really taught me to look people in the eyes and a handshake is all we needed. Honesty, integrity, and the ability to help your neighbors were just something we grew up with. Played sports my entire childhood into college and beyond with AA/AAA baseball for the NV Yankees and others. I have an identical twin brother who was always my best friend growing up and we are still very close today. Family, our dogs, sports, and God are big parts of our daily lives. We have always strived to help others when we could and now having personal experience with CBD that has changed our family forever, is what motivates us to start our own shop today. We look forward to helping as many people as we can with only top-quality products and the best service in the industry.